About Us

We understand the complexities of running a small business. Outside of the day-to-day operations, small business owner’s have to handle sales, marketing, client relations, their web spaces, and the ever-daunting world of information technology.

For some lucky business owners, this list can be a bit shorter, but for others, this list doesn’t even begin to cover the items on the agenda – day after day. With all of these complexities, it would seem easiest to bring another skilled employee on board. One more staff member could streamline and support business owners in these critical functional areas.

But… What does a skilled, experienced employee cost in today’s market, and how versatile is a single employee?

Let us assume for a moment that our new candidate has experience in sales, marketing, copy writing, design, content management, information technology and operations. How excellent; we have hit the jackpot! Unfortunately, as many of us know, this sort of experience does not come cheap. If he or she is highly skilled, as our example candidate was, small business owners are rarely able to compete with the other companies in the recruitment field.

This is where we come in. Flex Function Consulting is founded on the principle of Synergy. We have a devoted team of experienced, knowledgeable, versatile, creative, and committed professionals who can help support you and your business in these functional areas. Also, because we have a collective knowledge base and team of professionals, your business and your bottom line benefit. You don’t need four new specialized employees at $40,000 each, when you have a team of specialists on your side for a fraction of the cost.

As our name suggests, we have the Flexibility and desire to support you in any and all Functional Areas of your business.

Functional Areas

Full Branding Design
Logo, Web, Graphic, Print

Web & Print
Content Management

Social Media

Operations, IT,
& Copy Writing


Dr. Randal Smith

Organizational & Strategic Planning Partner

Randal is the co-founder and President of Clearpoint Coaching. He brings a wealth of leadership experience to his role as a Lead Coach in The Clearpoint Group. After 35 years of work in religious and non-profits arenas, Randal is now fully devoted to bringing clarity and success to business and professional leaders and the organizations they serve.

Gabriel Smith

Design, Marketing & Operations Partner

Gabe graduated from Salem State University with a focus on Business and Economics. He has spent the last ten years working with small businesses, start-ups, and non-profit organizations. When he is not working, he relaxes with creative arts, music, sports, and the outdoors!

Nathan Smith

Development, Design & IT Partner

Nathan has been designing for 15 years, and has 6 years of experience working in Information Technology. Most recently, he was the sole designer and developer for a local University, taking their website from concept to creation over the span of seven months. That site was launched in 2015. You can take a look at it here.


We are a small business advocate focused on strategic partnerships with businesses who need support implementing or maintaining the functional areas of their business. Our clients range from small non-profit community organizations to internationally recognized publishing and networking companies. We love seeing small businesses succeed, and we seek to use our skills and passions to help give every small business the chance at success!

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